Intelligent wireless remote management for device control and monitoring

Xodem – Intelligent wireless remote management for device control and monitoring

A reliable and user-friendly wireless field device network can be built using one Xodem base station and a radio card. The system allows you to modernise you products and bring added value to your business.

The Xodem base station and radio card form an intelligent, noise-resistant and adaptive mesh network where data routing is automatically optimised. The network and base station allows flexible, quick and noise-free connection of measurement information and device control to an online server and mobile devices. The networks have been proven in laboratory tests and field use.

Easy control by smartphone and online

The field devices are quick and inexpensive to adapt for use with different sensors, systems and devices. Typical applications include eTolppa-lämmitystolpat heating power outlets, traditional heating and ventilation systems and mobile phone user identification and payment systems. The number of devices in a network is virtually unlimited.

The Xodem field devices support local NFC connections, allowing device control by mobile phone on the spot, which makes the system easy and quick to use. NFC also allows the equipment to be installed using a mobile device and intuitive installation software. Versatile remote use of the equipment is also possible over the internet.