Energy-efficient and noise-resistant data transmission

Xortec is the first certified Sigfox partner in Finland

Sigfox is the world’s first global Internet of Things (IoT) network. The network offers a communication channel for basic sensor and measurement data that is much more affordable than mobile telephone networks and uses simpler terminal equipment.

Sigfox technology is designed purely for the needs of IoT and for transmitting small amounts of data, such as temperature, moisture and gauge readings. Sigfox-certified equipment is already supported in nearly 40 countries. In Finland, the construction and commercial use of base stations began in 2016, and now the network coverage has reached over 85% (May 2017). The network is operated by Connected Finland Oy.

Xortec is the first certified Sigfox partner in Finland that designs and manufactures end products that use the Sigfox network. Other better-known partners include large international component manufacturers, such as Atmel, Microchip Technologies ja Texas Instruments.

Sigfox operates in licence-free frequency bands.

In Europe, the public radio network frequency is 868 MHz. Sigfox uses a very narrow bandwidth (Ultra Narrow Band, 100 Hz) and a minimal transmission speed of 100 bits per second. Together with a relatively low frequency, these features give the technology excellent energy-efficiency, long range, good noise resistance and high penetration.

Examples of products using the Sigfox network include the Xortec Main-IoT Leak Guard, fire alarms and simple on-off indicators. As Sigfox devices do not have a direct connection to the internet, their level of data security is very high.