Smarter devices and real-time data for decision-making

The Industrial Internet will create new business models and innovations

The Internet of Things is based on utilising the data collected from devices and people. Data produced by the Internet of Things can be used to improve productivity and risk management, and also to develop new business models for new and traditional industries.

IoT means controlling, measuring and sensing machines and devices over the internet. Real-time information can be used to reduce errors, enhance processes and predict the need to service a device or machine.

Xortec is a pioneer of IoT

For us, being a pioneer means listening to our customers, continuous product development and applying the latest and most advanced technology in our products. We were among the first in Finland to use IoT technology to improve people’s lives and enhance the productivity of business functions.

The first IoT product we designed and manufactured was the remotely controlled car heating power outlet eTolppa, launched in 2009. Main-IoT Leak Guard will prevent water damage and the resulting expenses.