Success comes from using the best solutions


The design of a successful product combines vision, knowledge and skill.

We help you take your products to the next level, bring serial production to perfection, and optimise efficiency. We can tackle any circuit board. We put the best experts at your disposal and assist you from material and component selection to planning assembly and production.

Procurement of materials

The best products are made with high-quality components.

We procure the highest quality components available for your product at a competitive price. They will be available whenever you need them. We will guarantee availability even when the market may give you the cold shoulder. We monitor the customer’s needs and resupply well ahead of time.


Smart production improves profitability.

We will come up with the most effective manufacturing and assembly solution and take care of quality control. Our modern production line and skilled production design ensure flexible delivery and the highest level of service possible. Our production scales effortlessly from prototyping and short runs to mass production.

Storage and logistics

Competitive advantage is created by focusing on the right things.

We quickly respond to changes in demand and free up resources for use in your core business. Our modern design and production facility offers sizable storage capacity. Efficient logistics ensure that your products reach their destination when others may get stumped.

Component maintenance

Future orders are secured with enduring quality.

Even the best products are only as strong as their weakest parts. By keeping components up to date, you can ensure even quality across your products and durability year in, year out. We manage the maintenance of components and will let you know when updates would be appropriate. We present you with new alternatives and procure them for you.