Intelligent remote control and power metering for heating power outlets

Our eCu is a solution for remote control and accurate metering of power consumption in heating power outlets

A component intended for metering power consumption, eCu is used to control eTolppa, the remotely controlled heating power outlet for cars. Thanks to its standardised size, the solution can be used as-is in most common parking space power outlets.

As well as metering the power consumption of a power outlet, eCu can also be used to limit the maximum power available. For example, if the power limit is set to 700 watts, any block heaters will work, but interior heaters cannot be used at the same time. This makes it possible to price parking spaces based on whether the vehicle’s interior is heated or not.

The metering of power consumption enables electric vehicle charging and billing according to use. If billing is desired, a modern certified electricity meter can be connected to eCu to collect and transmit the required information.

eCu connects to the eTolppa servers

Using the Xodem field device, eCu can connect to the eTolppa servers. This allows timing to be controlled via the eTolppa user interface with any online device. If necessary, timing can be set locally from the control panel.

The uses of eCu can be expanded with a two-way NFC reader that allows charging or heating to be started using an NFC-enabled mobile phone or fob. For example, these sorts of applications are common in parking garages where the users already use some form of access ID. NFC offers a variety of opportunities, and they can be tailored to the customer’s needs.

eTolppa system is available through IGL and Satmatic.