Fast and flexible production guarantees results

Prototype runs

New products are created in stages, but the whole is more than the sum of its parts. We take into account the entire production cycle all the way from material selection to production design.

We at Xortec will support your product from design to testing and mass production. We will help your designers find the most effective production solution and select the appropriate materials and components. Our process guarantees you can get high-quality products out there swiftly.

Small and medium-sized runs

The security of supply is a promise of quality. Production must be able to quickly respond to changes in demand without increasing costs.

No connection is too demanding for us. Our production will scale to your volume of orders, sparing you from idle stock. Consummate assembly and careful testing make for perfect quality and guarantee that your product will have a long service life.

Large runs

As batch sizes grow, price becomes increasingly important. As quality must remain constant, competitiveness is a matter of having an effective production process and uncompromising quality control.

We take pride in having flexible capacity, Finnish quality, and managing risk and costs. We commit to supporting products for their entire life cycle, ensure traceability, and make it easy to start production. We also actively participate in the development of new product variants and innovations.

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