Affordable solution for water damage prevention

The Main-IoT Leak Guard enhances remote monitoring of homes and property

The Xortec Main-IoT Leak Guard will prevent water damage and the resulting expenses. The device is suitable for all properties from homes and holiday houses to offices and other commercial buildings.

The Main-IoT Leak Guard improves the security of properties and aids in their maintenance and condition monitoring. The device is installed on the monitoring target, such as a washing machine or freezer. When the sensor detects moisture, the leak guard will send an alert with the location of the leak to up to three pre-determined phone numbers. The Main-IoT Leak Guard is the most affordable solution available, maintenance-free, and only takes a few minutes to install.

Easy to install and affordable to use

The certified Main-IoT Leak Guard uses the global Sigfox network. The network is designed purely for the needs of IoT, and it guarantees reliable and energy-efficient data transmissions even in extreme conditions. Thanks to IoT network technology, the leak guard does not have direct connection to the internet and has a very high level of data security. No discrete SIM card is required.

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